Researchers in Aalto University creates new cutting-edge technology and business ideas. Aalto University’s Innovation Services evaluates, develops and transfers the research project results and inventions to commercial use in close co-operation with researchers. The goal is to identify commercially potential innovations and turn them either into profitable startups or valuable licenses.

Innovation Services consists of eight persons. Matti Korpela (Head of Innovation Services) leads six Innovation Advisors and a Innovation Coordinator. The team has extensive knowledge in commercialization and patenting. Innovation advisors support researchers in the preparation of commercialization projects. They are responsible of protecting Intellectual Property Rights owned by Aalto University and for negotiating and executing the transfer and license agreements with a commercial entity together with Aalto’s legal counsels of Project Services. Innovation Services is a part of the bigger Research and Innovation Services (RIS) entity, which vice-principal Tuija Pulkkinen is leading in Aalto University. Innovation Services is located in campuses in Espoo and Helsinki.

The discussions with Innovation Services are confidential as well as the submitted invention disclosure forms.

Patenting in Aalto University

Aalto University files about 30 patent applications every year. Technologies developed at Aalto University are used by a number of global companies.

Aalto University’s licensable patent portfolio covers five main categories: