About us

Innovation Services is responsible for the management of inventions, intellectual property and technology transfer at Aalto University, facilitating the translation of research into societal impact through commercialization

Innovation Services is a part of Aalto University Research and Innovation Services. According to our policy, the primary aim in the commercialization of intellectual property is to maximize the societal impact through optimal utilization of results produced in association with research, educational or other university activities.

Innovation Services employs a skilled team including Innovation Advisors with knowledge in intellectual property rights and commercialization as well as domain expertise. The Innovation Advisors evaluate, develop and transfer research project results and inventions to commercial use in close co-operation with researchers. Innovation advisors also support researchers in the preparation and completion of commercialization projects. Innovation Services are responsible of protecting Intellectual Property Rights owned by Aalto University and of negotiating and executing the transfer and license agreements with commercial entities together with the legal counsels of Research and Innovation Services.


Innovation Services supports the identification, evaluation, development and commercialization of ideas and innovations. The services we provide include:

  • Management and evaluation of invention disclosures
  • Novelty searches and patenting
  • Assisting in development of research results towards commercialization
  • Assisting in funding options and networks
  • Managing technology transfer of intellectual property and knowledge via licensing and assignments

We work also with partners outside of the University, including:

  • Facilitating recruitment of team members to projects
  • Helping search pilot customers and testing partners for commercialization projects
  • Mentoring, contacts, facilitating investment opportunities for potential spin-out companies


We are based in Otaniemi, Espoo, in Open Innovation House. Our advisors are located with the RIS school teams around the Otaniemi campus. Otaniemi and Aalto university are centrally located in the capital region of Finland.

You will find more information about us on this web page. If you would like to be in touch please contact the innovation advisor related to your field.