AI for easy patent and technology search

Is your idea patentable? Aalto Innovation Services carry out AI Patent search pilot for Aalto people. Teqmine-patent search tool utilise artificial intelligence to support researchers in research commercialization. It is easy, fast and confidential to use!

Artificial intelligence to support research commercialization – join the Aalto pilot!

The use of Teqmine ( is easy and fast and thus allows a researcher to perform near professional patent searches. Teqmine provides a picture of the patent landscape, technology and companies in the field of the research. In addition, the search is highly confidential.

Join the next webinar on September 12th and learn basics how to use patent search tool. Further instruction about the webinar will be released soon.


  • Patentability of the research & technology
    • Finds the features of solution
  • Research commercialization possibilities
    • Compare to millions of full-text patents
  • IPs to support the superiority of the solution
    • Strengthens the funding proposal
  • Collaboration partners for the research
    • Finds key industrial players in the different field
  • Easy fast & confidential to useAll use searchers and other user-input is wiped out automaticly, unless user selects otherwise.


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Patent search in practice

  1. GO:
  2. Select “organization user”
  3. Enter your work email and password
  4. Enter search text
  5. Browse results identified by AI

Look at the TEQMINE video and you can see more here:

That tool is for people who need to make decisions about patents and technology.

Contacts and inquiries: or innovation advisors in each Aalto schools.