About us

Innovation Services is responsible for the management of inventions, intellectual property and technology transfer at Aalto University, facilitating the translation of research ideas into societal impact through commercialization.

Innovation Services is a part of Aalto University Research and Innovation Services. According to our policy, the primary aim in the commercialization of Intellectual Property (IP) is to maximize the societal impact through optimal utilization of results produced in association with research, educational or other university activities.

Innovation Services is responsible for the management, protection and commercialization IP in Aalto University. Innovation Advisors coach and advise research teams in achieving successful innovations from research ideas.

Innovation advisors operate at school departments

The main services and activities

Innovation Services supports the identification, evaluation, development and commercialization of ideas and innovations. The services we provide include:

  • Management and evaluation of invention disclosures
  • Novelty searches and patenting
  • Supervising and coaching Aalto-based teams in the development of research results towards commercialization
  • Advising teams in funding options, networks in collaboration with Aalto Startup Center
  • Managing technology transfer of intellectual property and knowledge via licensing and assignments

We work also with partners outside of the University, including:

  • Facilitating recruitment of team members to projects
  • Helping search pilot customers and testing partners for commercialization projects
  • Mentoring, contacts, facilitating investment opportunities for potential spin-out companies

Aalto Startup Center and Innovation Services offers versatile services

Aalto University has an internationally unique innovation ecosystem, which offers many possibilities for developing successful innovation and robust start-ups. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Team: Aalto Startup Center and Innovation services, provides Aalto-based startups and research teams versatile services from commercializing the research idea, for the comprehensive business accelerator program.

Innovation Services and Startup Center are Innovation and Entrepreneurship-Team