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Copper Based Redox Flow Battery

Aalto reference IPID1527

Cu+ ion solution in hydrochloric acid is used as the common electrolyte for both electrodes.


Energy-efficient Proxy Service for Data Communication

Aalto reference IPID1136

Enhancing mobile communications, gathering all the content targeted to the end user at the proxy before sending it to mobile device.


Euphotic - Diffuse Light Stimulation of the Retina

Aalto reference IPID1976

Clinical intermittent photic stimulation (IPS) device and solution to quantify drug response based on the cortical excitability.


Removal of Light-induced Degradation in Crystalline Silicon

Aalto reference IPID682

A method for the complete removal of LID that can be easily integrated with any solar cell manufacturing line at almost no extra cost.


Spider-Silk Coacervate Proteins for Strong Solvent Free Adhesives

Aalto reference IPID1830

These silk-based materials show high toughness and form a new way to produce sustainable and high-performance materials.

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