Researchers & Inventors

Aalto University actively promotes the commercialization of research results. Invention disclosure is an employee’s notification to Aalto about the invention, required by law. Inventions are disclosed to the Innovation Services by submitting an invention disclosure.

Intellectual property and invention disclosure

Management of intellectual property (IP) is important and has several potential benefits for researchers. IP makes invention more attractive for commercial funding and partnering. Research co-operation with companies and patenting is also one way to achieve scientific excellence and new discoveries.

The inventor or inventors must inform Aalto University without delay after having made an invention covered by the Act on the Right in Inventions Made at Higher Education Institutes by submitting a written, dated and signed invention disclosure form to Aalto University.

Invention is a technical solution to a technical problem, which is not obvious or evident for a professional in the relevant technical field. Researchers are required to sign agreements concerning intellectual property in externally funded projects.

Invention disclosure is an employee’s notification to employer about the invention, required by law. Researchers agree to disclose inventions to university and to transfer rights to patentable inventions and software.

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Innovation coordinator helps inventors and researchers in all matters in submitting the invention and early stages of the invention process.

Innovation advisors evaluate the invention and support researchers in the preparation of commercialization projects. They are also responsible of protecting Intellectual Property Rights owned by Aalto University and of negotiating and executing the transfer and license agreements with commercial entity.