Commercialization process

Aalto University aims at maximizing the impact of new knowledge created by the university activities while protecting inventors rights in the commercialization process. Innovation Services advises teams on how to protect the innovation and develop it towards commercialization.

The process starts with the evaluation of invention. If Aalto acquires rights and title to the invention, Innovation Services and inventors jointly draw up a development and commercialization plan, which could involve prototyping, testing, patenting, team building and seeking for prospects for a start-up company or prospects for licensing. During the commercialization process, results can also be published in scientific journals after being protected by patent rights where applicable.

Inventors always retain a fair share of the possible monetary returns of any intellectual property. The commercialization process also opens up possibilities for other funding and resources, such as the Business Finland TUTL funding. After being successfully developed to a commercial stage, the invention will be able to attract commercial interest in terms of resources and bringing the invention to use for example in the form of an investment to a spin-out company, licensing or acquisition.

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