Business Finland TUTLI-funding

Interested to commercialize your research idea? Business Finland funds projects by research organizations that help to commercialize a research. Innovation services will assist with the application and selection processes in various ways.

TUTLI Business Finland-funding 

Business Finland (former Tekes) is a Finnish governmental organization that supports innovations, internationalization, investments and tourism promotion. Business Finland provides funding for projects by research organizations that help to commercialize a research idea (TUTLI, Tutkimuksesta Liiketoimintaa).

This funding is aimed at research groups in academic organizations who want to create new business and commercialize their ideas.There are two calls for applications every year: one in the Spring and one in the Autumn.

Aalto Innovation Services (AIS) will assist research teams widely with the application and selection processes. Innovation advisors in each school advise teams e.g. in submitting the applications, in the protection of IP in the project, in preparing the teams for pitching their idea to the Business Finland’s experts and other stakeholders, and in the development of commercialization.

The research teams coached by AIS have had a high success rate in receiving funding and commercializing their research idea. Aalto has so far conducted or is conducting 57 TUTL projects with the funding of 24.2 M€. These have led into 25 commercialized start-ups or products on the market and raised private seed funding of 37 M€. Check out our successful cases here.

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