Biochemistry and chemistry

Here you find innovation projects related to biochemistry and chemistry.


CuRen-M aims to show proof of feasibility for using copper redox flow batteries to supply large-scale energy storage for various use cases tied directly to the increasing adoption of renewable generators. The technology applies copper as an active material to bring more sustainable and efficient long-term energy storage to the energy market. It improves on the standard lithium and vanadium-based battery systems in terms of cost, reliability, and environmental impact. These advantages lower the costs of integrating renewable energy sources into the existing energy grid to play a role in the decarbonisation of the energy mix. The project will focus on increasing the competitive edge of the technology over current technological competitors through fundamental research and improvements to the operation and use of the technology. In addition, through the construction of a 5 kW / 25 kWh proof of concept system within the project, the system can be tested in applicable use cases to show the technology's viability. Finally, the project aims to evaluate the economic feasibility of this technology and to show proof of feasibility.

Contact: Janne Raula, Innovation Advisor (CHEM)


Mechanically and chemically modified wood Wuud, is an outstanding solution for exterior and interior claddings. A ready to install cladding product that combines new surface textures and aesthetics, a natural color scale that is well suited for modern architecture, a 50-year service free lifespan and fire proofing.

Contact: Janne Raula, Innovation Advisor (CHEM)

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