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Innovation Services (IS) serves widely researchers and Aalto community in developing inventions and in implementing commercialisation activities. IS manages intellectual property (IP) protection in collaboration with the researchers and executes technology transfers with versatile industrial companies – from startups to international corporations.

From Ideas To Impact

Aalto University has an internationally unique innovation ecosystem that offers a wide range of services to researchers and research groups. From Ideas To Impact seeks for the best possible commercialization paths for research inventions.

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From ideas to impact

Key actions of Innovation Services

IS operation

Evaluation and coaching

  • Market analysis
  • Innovation potential
  • Team and partnering

 IP protection and management

  • IP strategy
  • Value creation
  • Concept development

IP commercialisation

  • Financial resources
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Technology transfer

Collaboration of Aalto Startup Center and Innovation Services

Aalto University has an internationally unique innovation ecosystem, which offers many possibilities for developing successful innovation and robust startups. Aalto Startup Center and Innovation Services together provide Aalto-based startups and research teams versatile services from commercialising the research idea to the comprehensive business accelerator program. For example, the most potential Aalto research-based teams have the opportunity to participate in the Aalto Startup Center and to benefit from versatile entrepreneurship services.


Pre-incubator program

The R2B or Research to Business, pre-incubator program, is open all year-round to Aalto University origin innovations and inventions based on research. The projects are especially at an idea phase and have a focus on technological research. Once these projects incorporate, Aalto Startup Center can offer its Business Generator, accelerator program.

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Aalto Startup Center

Aalto Startup Center is a hybrid accelerator offering its own incubator and accelerator services, as well as several partnership programs. Its focus is on sustainable research-based and innovative deep-tech startups.

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Aalto innovation ecosystem

Aalto innovation ecosystem

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A Grid

A Grid is the stable for future unicorns located right in the heart of Aalto University Campus.

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Want to become a business developer or mentor? Apply here! (external link)

We are constantly looking for talent and enthusiastic people to join commercialising our innovation projects or mentoring the project teams.

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Take part of our survey (external link)

The purpose of the survey is to map the innovation potential in Aalto University in relation to both the researchers' interest to commercialize/productize their research results and the possibilities for utilization of research results. The survey is organized by Aalto University Innovation Services.

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Policies and guides

Guidelines and policies for innovation, intellectual property and commercialization in Aalto University.

The principles for commercialisation of research results (external link)

Aalto University has a national mission to strengthen Finland’s innovation capacity. Our strategic aim is to contribute to a more sustainable future for Finland and the whole of humanity.

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Ongoing projects

Here you can find the innovation projects.

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We proudly present here the startups from Aalto University.

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