Invention disclosure

Do you have a new invention or business idea?
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If you come across that you possibly have created an invention, please be in contact with Innovation Services.

Aalto employee should submit invention disclosure without delay after having made an invention. Innovation Services evaluates the invention. It is crucial to keep the invention secret and confidential after submission. 

Invention disclosure

Tips for submitting the invention disclosure

  • Fill in an invention disclosure form using the link above. Add the necessary information about title, summary, inventors, background of the invention and planned publication.
  • Note that if you do not know all the answers when filing, you may Save the disclosure in draft and  complement the disclosure when discussing with the innovation advisor. The discussions with Innovation Services staff as well as the submitted invention disclosure forms are confidential.
  • It is crucial to keep the invention secret and confidential.
  • Background of invention
    • In the form the invention should be marked in the right category, which are based on law. If you hesitate in which category your invention belongs to, please contact to innovation coordinator before submitting disclosure form. The categories of background are:
      • Open research – Invention made by Aalto academic staff, without a funding decision from or an agreement with an external entity.
      • Collaborative research – Invention made by Aalto academic staff in projects, which has a funding decision from, or an agreement with an external entity, such as companies, Business Finland, Academy of Finland, EU.
      • None of the above situation – Invention made by student or Aalto non-academic staff.
  • Innovation Services assesses both technical and commercial potential, patentability and team’s capabilities which all are needed for proceeding to commercialization. This assessment takes typically 1 – 2 months.
  • For the processing of the invention disclosures Aalto Innovation Services uses Aalto’s Dynamics CRM system. Please see our Privacy Notice.
  • Should you require further instructions regarding the completion of the form, or its processing at the University, please contact us.
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