Elmery, Maculaser and Fepod got Business Finland's Deep Tech Accelerator funding

Aalto-based startups Elmery Oy, Maculaser Oy and Fepod Oy Ltd received the Deep Tech Accelerator funding granted by Business Finland. The funding package consists of two phases with a EUR 400,000 grant and a EUR 1,000,000 loan.

Congratulations Elmery, Maculaser and Fepod !!! And thanks to Business Finland.
Aalto deep tech

Deep Tech Accelerator funding is intended for startups to support the commercialisation of their latest research results and know-how. The aim of the funding is to help deep tech startups enter markets faster. 

Have a look on the startups!

Elmery Oy

Maculaser Oy

Fepod Oy Ltd

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Nordic Bioproducts Group opens its first major production facility for advanced cellulosic materials

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State to invest EUR 40 million in satellite company ICEYE

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