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The replacement of oil-based materials with sustainable, recyclable biomaterials is a growing challenge in many areas of business. Also, there is a large need for acoustic treatment of indoor spaces, such as open-plan offices, learning environments, as well as private apartments where increasing amounts of high-quality media content is being created. The Circular Panels R2B-project aims to provide a solution to these problems by producing fully bio-based recyclable indoor acoustic panels that have a surface optimized for acoustic applications and that have design properties that make them competitive as decorative elements.

Contact: Panu Kuosmanen, Innovation Advisor (ENG)


Heat flows as a result of contact between materials with different temperatures. Thermal insulation prevents heat exchange between materials where needed. This makes insulation materials widely important in daily life use for example in electronics, buildings, packaging, etc. There are common insulation materials on the market such as mineral fibers, polystyrene, natural fibers, or rigid foam boards. But majority of these products are fossil-fuel-based, non-biodegradable, or inefficient in controlling temperature. This project introduces a new type of insulation materials as a perfect candidate for self-regulating thermo-packaging. Our insulation is composed of bio-feedstocks and phase change materials (PCM) that can help achieving a more energy-efficient temperature-control via leakage-free phase change processes. Our PCM Insulation (PCMI) can absorb and release extra thermal energy while keeping the temperature constant. PCMI is eco-friendly and reduces carbon footprint compared to traditional insulation packaging such as polystyrene or polyurethane foams. PCMI offers effective thermal protection with a lightweight bio-based origin, significantly preventing temperature fluctuations for example during goods transport and delivery.

Contact: Panu Kuosmanen, Innovation Advisor (ENG)


The aim of the Twinbase project is to commercialize Aalto University's research results in the subject area of digital twins. At the center of the project is a platform customized for the management of digital twins, which we call Twinbase. The platform enables vendor-independent management of digital twins based on standardized ways of describing digital twins. There are several different standards and specifications suitable for describing, and we call their use the digital twin description document method. However, the twin description document method is not yet established, so twin documents are studied both methodically as well as through application to practical digital twins. The applicability of ontologies and identity technologies to the twin document method is also studied and developed, and user interface research is carried out to present the information and functionalities offered by the document method in an optimal way. The project maps pilot customers and ensures the platform's suitability for managing their digital twins. The goal of the project is to prove the usability of the method in practical tests and create a basis for starting business around the platform.

Contact: Panu Kuosmanen, Innovation Advisor (ENG)


Mechanically and chemically modified wood Wuud, is an outstanding solution for exterior and interior claddings. A ready to install cladding product that combines new surface textures and aesthetics, a natural color scale that is well suited for modern architecture, a 50-year service free lifespan and fire proofing.

Contact: Janne Raula, Innovation Advisor (CHEM)

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