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Inspired by nature and driven by a decade of scientific research, FoamWood brings to market an ecological solution to replace plastic foams. This bio-based, lightweight, and strong material mould free and fast-drying foam manufacturing process; without the need for any chemical additives, extreme pressures or temperatures.

The FoamWood team seeks innovative ways of exploring cellulose-based materials as suitable alternatives to replace plastic. Through a holistic approach the project allies scientific research, circular thinking, design, and business strategy to develop a  material that truly answers commercial,  social,  and environmental needs.

Contact: Panu Kuosmanen, Senior Innovation Advisor (ENG)



The THEW FC harnesses advances in manufacturing to disrupt the fuel cell industry with a lighter design, ideal for vehicles and transport with limited space. THEW FC holds ten global patents on a manufacturing technology that combines metals and composites, offering an unprecedented power-to-weight ratio for mobile, carbon-free applications. A startup will be founded as HyOnGlobe Oy.

Contact: Panu Kuosmanen, Senior Innovation Advisor (ENG)

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