Here you find innovation projects related to ICT.


CloViC is an online web platform enabling remote and collaborative commissioning for system integrators that aims at reducing the time, cost, and energy spent on commissioning intelligent automation systems based on the upcoming open automation standard IEC 61499.

Contact: Juha Siivola, Innovation Advisor (SCI)


eParkly provides a better parking experience for drivers by identifying available parking spaces and enabling a demand-driven market for parking space pricing. eParkly provides a demand-driven marketplace for parking providers. Parking spaces can be private, provided by parking companies or on the street.

Contact Juha Siivola, Innovation Advisor (SCI)


SymmGuard utilizes symmetry for making AI robust. The increasing adoption of AI in safety-critical domains, tightening AI regulations and increasing cost of cybersecurity breaches make it imperative to have robust AI. We use symmetry because it is pervasive in nature and often overlooked or not handled correctly by AI. We aim to use public datasets and customer data, with research conducted both independently from and together with pilot customers. We aim to have a tangible effect on the deployment of robust AI. Research-wise, we aim to bring symmetry to the attention of the AI research community as an important guiding principle in the design and application of robust AI solutions. We aim for simple and elegant solutions that can be applied to existing and emerging AI.

Contact: Juha Siivola, Innovation Advisor (SCI)

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