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Forests are a multifunctional resource of high economic and social value. Current forest plans based on simulations of forest management guidelines leave much of the forest's potential untapped. Our solution - AIFORE - is a huge step in the digitalisation of forest planning. Combining the latest research in machine learning and forestry, we create the world's first artificial intelligence, high-scalability forest management optimization tool.

Our target customers are forest owners, forest funds, insurance companies and banks. According to preliminary results, we will be able to increase the value of forest assets by up to 50% and average annual income by up to 14%. AIFORE helps B2B and B2C clients make efficient use of their forest assets. Even a 1% increase in efficiency would increase revenue from wood sales by € 22 million, creating multiplier effects on employment, the competitiveness of the forest industry and tax revenues. AIFORE is also able to take into account risk factors (eg forest fires, storm damage, insect damage and price fluctuations), reducing the risk of forest investment by up to 20%. AIFORE is helping to combat climate change by also producing an optimal forest plan to increase carbon sinks and protect biodiversity.

Our project targets the $ 8 billion forestry software market, which is projected to grow at an annual rate of 22% (2020 - 2024). Our business is supported by four market trends: digitalisation, bioeconomy, ESG investment and increased forest ownership by funds. Our market covers 58% of the world's forests and we are able to optimize forest management in, for example, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, the United States, Russia, Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

The objectives of our project are 1) further development of our algorithm, 2) testing of POC (proof-of-concept) with real customer data, 3) implementation of market research and confirmation of product demand, and 4) registration of intellectual property rights for our optimization algorithm.

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eParkly provides a better parking experience for drivers by identifying available parking spaces and enabling a demand-driven market for parking space pricing. eParkly provides a demand-driven marketplace for parking providers. Parking spaces can be private, provided by parking companies or on the street.

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Depression (Major depressive disorder, MDD) is the leading cause of disability globally and the largest burden of illness among mental health problems. The cost of depression in the United States is> $ 200 billion and in Europe> € 100 billion. ~ 7% of the adult population suffers from depression each year and about half of depression cases go untreated. The main treatments are antidepressants (limited efficacy, variable response, side effects) and various therapies (limited efficacy, high cost, poor availability). Above all, current therapies do not alleviate the cognitive symptoms of depression. Digital Therapeutics (DTx) is a new form of healthcare technology and offers an affordable, highly scalable and widely available solution to global healthcare challenges such as depression. DTx methods based on cognitive psychotherapy already exist for the treatment of depression. We have developed a new type of action computer game that offers a new DTx treatment for depression. Our game innovation alleviates the symptoms of depression, but also seeks to strengthen cognitive performance and thus correct cognitive deficits associated with depression. Our “game of depression” is a unique, challenging and fun action game developed “game above” instead of being based on playful psychological tests. Preliminary research suggests that as early as 8 to 12 weeks of gaming intervention may lead to a clinically significant response to treatment. In this project, we will identify the gaming DTx business models and the freedom of action for our gaming solution. We are producing a proof-of-concept version of the game that will be tested in a clinical trial to determine its effectiveness and safety. The clinical data thus collected will form the basis for the subsequent commercialization of research results and advance national opportunities to play a leading role in the new digital therapies business.

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