Aalto University aims at maximising the impact of new knowledge created by the university activities while protecting inventors rights in the commercialisation process. Innovation Services advises teams on how to protect the innovation and develop it towards commercialisation.
Steps for commercialization

Inventors always retain a fair share of the possible monetary returns of any intellectual property. The commercialisation process also opens up possibilities for other funding and resources, such as the Business Finland Research to Business funding. After being successfully developed to a commercial stage, the invention will be able to attract commercial interest in terms of resources and bringing the invention to use for example in the form of an investment to a spin-out company, licensing or acquisition.

Aalto University's vision includes a commitment to building a sustainable and entrepreneurial society based on sustainable development. Aalto University's main goal in the commercialisation of intellectual property rights is to maximize the societal impact of the university by bringing the results of research, teaching and other activities into the best possible use. The Aalto Innovation Services advise academic staff in the development and protection of innovations and incorporation activities including technology transfers. Commercialisation project activities are supported together with Aalto Startup Center’s advisors. 

Publishing and commercialization – Can I have both?

When following the guidelines presented in this page, it is possible to both commercialize and publish your research results.

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Publishing and commercial

Innovation Diary: Wood's trip from research to business

The diary follows the progress of one of Aalto's interdisciplinary innovation project WUUD - 'Wood modification technology for building cladding products' that received commercialisation funding from Business Finland and the team's thoughts during the 18-month process.

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