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Novel anti-virulence strategies to treat antimicrobially resistant infections.

Arivin is developing novel strategies that directly target the bacterial properties that cause inflammatory responses in the body: bacterial toxins and biofilm. This novel strategy dramatically reduces inflammatory response to the infection and strengthens the immune system to fight off the bacterial infection. The treatment avoids the development of bacterial resistance, enabling unique commercial opportunities; rapid resistance is a key bottleneck for the development of antibiotic therapies.


DETECTIUM OY (external link)

A New Paradigm in Fire Safety with Digital Twins and Artificial Intelligence. Detectium revolutionizes anomaly detection and fire prevention for industrial facilities by integrating electro-optical/thermal (EO/IR) sensors technology with digital twinning and machine learning algorithms.

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FEPOD OY LTD (external link)

Fepod enables healthcare professionals to measure the real blood concentration of paracetamol, opioids and other pain medicine directly from a drop of blood at the point-of-care. Fepod's testing process is fast & simple and the result is available in seconds. Fepod's testing equipment consists of a standard mobile phone, an affordable & small potentiostat and mass-producible & disposable sampling sensors.

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ELFYS OY (external link)

ElFys provides photodetectors and related services for various light detection applications. ElFys designs, develops and manufactures customized photodetectors as well as standard products to fulfill the demanding requirements of our customer. ElFys's products and services follow high standards of performance and quality for different industries.

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ELMERY OY (external link)

There is literally money going down the drain in metal refineries. Elmery helps to extract precious metals and remove harmful elements, in a sustainable way.

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ICEYE OY (external link)

Truly effective change detection requires persistent monitoring. ICEYE’s constellation of small and agile radar satellites unlock unprecedented access to truth data on any location on Earth – day and night, in any weather, and multiple times per day.

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IQM OY (external link)

IQM quantum computers are developed in a unique hardware-software co-design approach. IQM's second-generation quantum processors use proprietary on-chip components to increase the QPU clock speed for error correction. IQM's co-design strategy aims to deliver quantum advantage to its customers, using novel chip architecture, application-specific processors, and ultrafast quantum operations.


KOITE HEALTH OY (external link)

Better Health Brought by Light. Koite Health is a quickly growing health technology company and innovator in light-activated antibacterial solutions for treating and preventing oral diseases.

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LignoSpheres, which are scientifically known as spherical lignin nanoparticles, represent a new inexpensive and environmentally friendly class of biomaterial. They enable lignin to be used in large-scale applications in adhesives, coatings, and composites. The patent-pending production and functionalization processes have been developed at Aalto University.

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MACULASER OY (external link)

Maculaser ERG-based technology enables real-time and personalized control of the temperature of the retina during non-damaging ophthalmic laser treatments. Maculaser's industry-disruptive goal is disease prevention by providing effective and safe laser treatments for retinal disorders that impact the everyday life of millions of people worldwide.

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MINIMA PROCESSOR OY (external link)

Minima uses an IP delivery model that adds both hardware and software to CPU and DSP processors. Minima’s Dynamic Margining product enables an order of magnitude energy efficiency improvement in such SoC designs without compromising time to market.

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Nordic Bioproducts Group is a biotechnology company that works with food, pharma, plastics and textile industries to create a carbon neutral everyday life for the people, sustainable future for the planet and profit for the businesses. Nordic Bioproducts Group’s Aaltocell process is highly flexible, enabling the use of a wide variety of feedstock ranging from plant-based sidestreams and residues to paper-grade pulp. The size and properties of the produced microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) can be tuned for the requirement of different end-use applications.

spectracular ai

SPECTACULAR AI OY (external link)

State-of-the art inside-out tracking for AR/VR/XR, drones, and ground vehicles.


SPECTROCOR OY (external link)

SpectroCor offers real-time insight into the heart’s condition during open-heart surgery.


SURGIFY MEDICAL OY (external link)

Safer Bone Surgery. In many fields of surgery and dentistry, bone has to be cut or removed without damaging the proximal soft structures. Surgify develops new solutions to protect these structures and prevent associated complications. Bleeding, infections and nerve injuries are some of the complications that can severely affect a patients quality of life. Surgify technology improves the safety, speed and precision of bone surgery to minimize these risks.


SYNOSTE OY (external link)

Synoste has developed an implantable medical device for limb lengthening. Bio-compatible shape memory alloys combined with wireless energy transfer of the homecare device are used to achieve the bone lengthening desired by the patient and the surgeon.

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UNIFIED CHARGERS OY (external link)

Advanced and cost-effective solutions for EV charging needs. Unified Chargers a Finnish manufacturer of EV fast charging stations. We offer intelligent charging solutions with comprehensive services. We are specialized in public charging, DC fast charging stations and intelligent fleet charging solutions. Our DC fast charging station is the most compact charging station on the market that DC fast charges two cars at the same time.

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VALO MOTIONS OY (external link)

Valo Motion’s award-winning mixed reality products, ValoClimb and ValoJump, are fully automatic digital attractions that have been designed to enhance repeatability and to have significant play-value. Valo Motion’s walk-in attractions come in different models that are full of high quality and exciting games that are exhilarating to play and super fun to watch, again and again. Valo Motion’s attractions have been designed to offer versatility in a small space while helping indoor leisure industry operators to increase their competitive advantage, to maximise the floor-space revenue while allowing flexibility with monetisation. In addition, ValoJump and Valoclimb are hygienic, allow unattended operations and require no wearables or preparation time.


XFOLD IMAGING OY (external link)

Xfold imaging produces microscope slides containing advanced nanostructures on the top surface. These nanostructures enhance microscope images especially when using laser/LED excitation, like fluorescence imaging. Xfold imaging’s innovative solution enables the study of cellular structures and bio-molecules (fats, lipids, proteins, etc.) at enhanced accuracy and enables real-time video imaging of live cells.


YIELD SYSTEMS OY (external link)

Yield Systems develops machine learning solutions for agri-food value chain enhancement and video intelligence.

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Vacuum Insulation Solutions offer next generation solution that is the most energy efficient, scalable and suitable for most extreme conditions and even offer carbon negative solution. Vacuum Insulation Solutions have unique wood based technology with excellent insulation properties.


VITALSIGNS OY (external link)

A stethoscope is one of a doctor's most important instruments, but there haven't been any fundamental improvements in the device itself since the 1960s. Now, researchers at Aalto University have developed a device that analyses a broad range of bodily functions and offers the doctor a probable diagnosis, as well as suggestions for appropriate further examinations. The researchers believe that the new device could eventually replace the stethoscope and enable quicker and more precise diagnoses.

A startup Vital Signs is taking the device to the market. The researchers are currently testing the device in a clinical pilot trial. Their intention is to launch the product in the most significant European markets by the end of 2023.

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Woamy Oy (external link)

Woamy make bio-based, recyclable and biodegradable foam to replace harmful plastic foams. The foam can be made from organic fibres, from wood or agricultural waste and our technology makes the foam very strong and light and the process is easily scalable.

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