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We proudly present here the startups from Aalto University.

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From Ideas To Impact®

Aalto University has an internationally unique innovation ecosystem that offers a wide range of services to researchers and research groups. From Ideas To Impact® seeks for the best possible commercialization paths for research inventions.

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From ideas to impact

Pre-incubator program

The R2B or Research to Business, pre-incubator program, is open all year-round to Aalto University origin innovations and inventions based on research. The projects are especially at an idea phase and have a focus on technological research. Once these projects incorporate, Aalto Startup Center can offer its Business Generator, accelerator program.

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Aalto Startup Center (external link)

Aalto Startup Center is a hybrid accelerator offering its own incubator and accelerator services, as well as several partnership programs. Its focus is on sustainable research-based and innovative deep-tech startups.

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Want to become a business developer or mentor? Apply here! (external link)

We are constantly looking for talent and enthusiastic people to join commercialising our innovation projects or mentoring the project teams.

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